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Segmented Marketing for Energy efficient TransportP5 campaign

SEGMENT is a 3 year IEE STEER funded project which will test the use of consumer market segmentation techniques in persuading people to change their travel behaviour and adopt more energy efficient forms of transport.

This project aimed to maximise the impact of the campaigns through the use of two segmentation techniques:

1) Targeting consumers undergoing ‘life change moments’ which cause them to question and reconsider their travel habits.

2) Clustering these consumers (through the use of detailed questionnaires) into relatively homogenous groups (in terms of their attitudes towards car use, cycling, electric vehicles or wider issues such as climate change and health etc) and then devising bespoke campaigns which are informed by these findings.

SEGMENT will therefore help build capacity in local authorities across Europe to implement resource-efficient and effective behaviour change campaigns increasing the uptake of sustainable transport methods.

Background to the Project

SEGMENT seeks to employ consumer segmentation techniques to overcome perceptual or attitudinal barriers to the uptake of sustainable and energy-efficient mobility by EU citizens. Research suggests that ‘life change moments’ offer some of the best opportunities for fostering behaviour  change. As people change jobs, move home or undergo other major change, they reflect on their habits and often make significant changes.

It is at these points that marketing campaigns may be particularly effective in promoting more sustainable travel habits. However, it is appreciated that even within these ‘segments’ there will be a variety of attitudes towards the use of sustainable transport. Through the use of detailed attitudinal surveys our understanding of what motivates these groups will be improved. This will allow for the development of bespoke marketing campaigns and initiatives which will have a greater chance of success then traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches.










Transferability Report This report suggests how the process can be simplified in order to make it easier and more cost-effective for other cities. The report takes the format of a series of key questions to enable the key learning outcomes from SEGMENT to be understood and applied elsewhere.
(Available in 7 partner languages under DELIVERABLES)

SEGMENT has generated a Golden Questions segmentation tool which limits the number of questions needed to be used in any new survey. 

Golden Questions The tool presents the user with a short quiz consisting of the 18 Golden Questions. 

Following an initial question on whether respondents are car drivers (offering a “YES” or “NO” response) the tool then automatically filters the users to the remaining questions.

From their individual results users can return to the on-line tool home page and can then click a second link to view a summary pie chart of the results from segmentation analysis of all the inputs submitted through the on-line tool.

For the tool to be useful to local authorities or other organisations, they will want to be able to host the tool on their own sites and provide information to end users which is pertinent to the location and environment in which they live.  

More information including questions in Dutch, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Portugese and Greek