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LB Hounslow (UK) is Lead Partner. It was amongst the first authorities in London to develop bespoke marketing campaigns promoting sustainable travel that target specific user groups (e.g. teenage girls). 

Athens anticipates SEGMENT to complement the more traditional approaches used or planned for in the near future (i.e. Mobility Centres). Promotion of Public Transport is at the core of the city transport strategy and SEGMENT will provide case studies and guidance for a more specific treatment of different population subgroups to change their behaviour.  

Gdynia is one of the forerunners in Poland to have developed a SUTP. It has a green, efficient, accessible and constantly modernised urban transport system, integrating all the urban areas of the city and with the region. The Public Transport Company conducts public surveys every 2 years about travel habits, perception of PT and satisfaction rate, all in relation to socio-economic status. “Our citizens are friendly and open-minded but unfortunately 47% of them are also very attached to their car and need to be made aware of how their transport habits affect the environment and traffic in the city.” 

Munich - the municipality has voted strategy and plans to address, in mobility management plans, new residents as a priority target, both in the city and its region. Amongst those are foreign immigrants

Sofia The city has well developed transport functions and infrastructure and public transport, but private car ownership has grown rapidly since the 1990s. Mobility management is deeply embedded in the Municipal Development Plan 2007-2013, to complement the important EBRD and EU structural funds obtained. Exchange of practical experience in the field addressed by SEGMENT is urgently needed.

Utrecht The city’s mobility management policy focuses on: pricing; location and branch specific approach; awareness raising and education. Several measures have been/are running: a pioneer card offering free public transport to new dwellers; a pilot with free public transport cards for lower income groups; etc. The City has experience in city wide (P&R, car sharing) and targeted campaigns (schools road safety; Workplace Travel Plans,...)

Almada (PT) AGNEAL has been a partner in several EU-funded projects. Other AGENEAL mobility projects include: European Mobility Week in Almada (nominated for the EMW Award in 2004 & 2008), eco-driving training, Almada Cycling Plan, etc.

Aberdeen University in North-East Scotland was founded in 1495 and has over 13,000 full-time matriculated students. Dr Jillian Anable in the Centre for Transport Research provides a nationally and internationally expert on travel behaviour change, specifically the monitoring and evaluation of travel behaviour in response to ‘soft measures’ or ‘smarter choice’ interventions together with the application of market segmentation techniques to design effective campaigns.