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Outputs and results

  • A transferable market segmentation model and methodology: data collection & analysis will maximise likely campaign impact through the integration of consumer attitude data and the opportunity to break travel habits afforded by targeting those people experiencing ‘change moments. It will be replicable and transferable to all EU27 Member states, tested and implemented in six partner cities.
  • Successful targeted marketing campaigns implemented in six partner cities, leading to change in public attitudes (perception, satisfaction, familiarity, favourability, aspirations, values) and behaviour towards sustainable transport modes ( as measured by monitoring surveys against collected baseline data in each city)
  • Building up competence and capacity in transport in Europe, to increase and accelerate take up and transfer of best practice in sustainable travel marketing campaign design, implementation and monitoring.


  • A Survey Methodology – with surveys in 7 languages 
  • 3 targeted marketing campaigns implemented in each of the 6 cities
  • Marketing material developed in 6 languages
  • EU capacity building via discussion groups, forums and training
  • Transferability Report This report suggests how the process can be simplified in order to make it easier and more cost-effective for other cities. The report takes the format of a series of key questions to enable the key learning outcomes from SEGMENT to be understood and applied elsewhere. (Available in 7 partner languages under DELIVERABLES