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Test image uploadSEGMENT will:

  • promote less car-dependent lifestyles;
  • build on tried-and-tested strategies and methodologies and aim at achieving energy savings by removing the non-technological (perceptual or attitudinal) market barriers;
  • achieve measurable changes in transport behaviour;
  • contribute to the wider dissemination and use of proven, transferable strategies and methodologies;
  • help end-users to take informed decisions and increase public acceptance of more energy-efficient transport use;
  • train practitioners and officials whose daily work has an impact on take-up of energy-efficient transport strategies and schemes via training workshops and  through exchanges of staff;
  • tackle sustainable mobility more effectively through appropriate consultation and involvement of a broad range of stakeholders including end-users;
  • Increase the integration of strategies to help to steer the behaviour and decisions of transport users, authorities and operators; and