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  1. We explored how SEGMENT can be best transferred and how the process can be simplified in order to make it easier and more cost-effective for other cities. The transferability report takes the format of a series of key questions to enable the key learning outcomes from SEGMENT to be understood and applied elsewhere.
  2. Golden Questions Tool - SEGMENT has generated a Golden Questions segmentation tool which limits the number of questions needed to be used in any new survey. More information including questions in Dutch, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Portugese and Greek. Utrecht has translated the golden question tool into Dutch at
  3. The SEGMENT Toolkit has been created to bring together examples of best practice from the SEGMENT project, to help other organisations across the EU to implement successful sustainable transport programmes.

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • a social marketing checklist you can use to review existing campaigns
  • a guide on identifying your audience
  • Pen profiles of the eight key consumer segments and their Mosaic equivalents
  • “Golden questions” to help with customer profiling and a helpful online survey tool (the segmentation quiz) 
  • Case studies from campaigns in Europe
  • Recommendations from lessons learned through the SEGMENT project.