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How Segmentation Works in Practice

Utrecht BikesIn order to focus our campaigns and test the use of segmented marketing, each partner has used the 'SEGMENT Funnel' to target our travel marketing.  

The first stage of the SEGMENT funnel is to identify the 'life change moment' the campaigns will be deisgned for. The second stage is to use the SEGMENT attitudinal research to identify the sub-segments of this life change moment who are most likely to change travel behaviour and to identify the modes and messages most likely to encourage this behaviour change.

Partners then have the opportunity to 'smarten up' existing campaigns or to target specific areas/individuals where they know a large proportion of a particular sub-segment are based.

Please view example of the 'SEGMENT funnel' from LB Hounslow

LB Hounslow - Health Campaign



Transferability Report This report suggests how the process can be simplified in order to make it easier and more cost-effective for other cities. The report takes the format of a series of key questions to enable the key learning outcomes from SEGMENT to be understood and applied elsewhere. (Available in 7 partner languages under DELIVERABLES)